Download Appraisal Packet

Reasons for a veterinary practice appraisal include:

  • Buying or selling of a veterinary practice or interest in a veterinary practice
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Future management comparison
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance
  • Dissolutions
  • Property distribution

The appraisal requires selective research into the relevant market area, the assembly of financial and practice data, application of appropriate analytical methods, and knowledge, experience and professional judgment necessary to form a conclusion of fair market value.

  1. Five years’ company Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheet for last fiscal year, Five years’ tax returns with depreciation schedules;
  2. General practice information: Practice Information Form;
  3. Current equipment list: Capital Equipment Inventory and Value.
  4. Copy of current lease or legal description of property;
  5. Area map with location of the subject practice and other practices;

We will provide:

  • Necessary forms and worksheets for your information from above;
  • On-site visit; including interview with owner, necessary photos, and a visit to the surrounding community;
  • Consultation with attorney, accountant and management as required to complete the project;
  • Evaluation, reconciliation and application of appropriate analytic techniques to the above information to give you a figure for fair market value.
  • A final written report with two professionally bound copies containing an explanatory text of 8-10 pages, several exhibits of financial and production data including charts, appraisal worksheet data, comparable sales’ comparisons data, an equipment appraisal, local demographic data and certification pages. The typical page count of the total report ranges from 80-100 pages.